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Pro athletes have agents. Why don’t you in your chosen profession?

Professional athletes have a unique combination of talent and training which sets them apart from others. They also have the kind of salaries, star power, and connections that are unattainable to most people. This is analogous to high tech professionals in great demand on the talent war battlefield.

High performers have a coach. Career management and coaching have become critical for sustainable success. The word “disrupt” is over-used by many in the high tech arena, but giving exceptional talent an edge in their career lives up to the disruptive phenomenon. As a CAREER AGENT we assist in managing your career (no monetary cost to you) so your concentration stays on more essential tasks. Whether it be one year or ten years from now, you control the timing and pace of any exploration. There is no time limit or pressure. We do the heavy lifting for you. We will take the time to learn precisely who you are and what you want, both short and long-term. You got to where you are today, and now you have your sight on your next career phase. Let’s get started.

It’s a jungle gym, not a ladder. – Sheryl Sandberg



  1. The Career Agent assists with managing your career on a professional, confidential, and strategic level, allowing you to focus on your core occupation and personal life.
  2. You select and control the time you feel a strategic career move should commence. Outstanding professionals don’t leave their next career transition to chance. Making an exceptional career change takes timing, research and staying on top of marketplace insights in your field of expertise, goals, and desires.
  3. You earned “rock star” status in your field so why not be treated like one? Your hard work and investment helped you to achieve your technical prominence. Why not get the most out of it? As a “Liquid Consultant,” we take your shape; just as fluid takes the shape of its vessel. In many ways, we are a Life Coach.
  4. We work to firewall your career. We keep you updated on the latest industry trends in your discipline, so your skills and value in the marketplace don’t get stale and dated. You stay relevant, favored and preferential.
  5. We assist in building you professionally and personally. For example, if you desire to enhance your career with becoming a recognized expert in your field, we have the tools and connections to get and keep you there.
  6. We can assist you financially and strategically to launch YOUR viable enterprise-level big data products or services. You are no longer sitting on ingenious ideas and inventions, but turning them into reality.
  7. Performing as a “gatekeeper,” annoying recruiter calls/communication will wane over time so you can get your work done. Each potential employer suitor is properly screened by the Career Agent, so you don’t have to tell your “story” (availability, expertise, interest, wants, needs, goals, salary/benefits, and skills) every time a recruiter calls.
  8. A Career Agent avoids two glaring career-scouting pitfalls:
    a) In-house corporate recruiters only have one thing to “sell:” their jobs in just their firm. Career Agents have exposure to an unlimited variety of opportunities, company cultures, and industries.
    b) Many IT recruiting firms “push paper” and are far more focused on just getting your resume in front of a warm body. You already have a good job, so why do you need to pursue THEIR needs? Career Agents know the technology and not just the buzzwords and will spearhead a match based on YOUR requirements, desires, personality, and long-term goals.
  9. With “hiring” a Career Agent (again, no financial cost to you), you gain stature in the marketplace above your peers. The companies have greater respect for you as an expert and professional in your field… someone worthy of having professional representation.
  10. You will have excellent targeted exposure to the best companies and opportunities in the tech world (even becoming a partner or have ownership in a company someday), all done while you concentrate on your current business and personal duties.
  11. We offer national and global reach in an increasingly perplex and evolving world of career opportunities.
  12. You will have a confidant with solid knowledge of the marketplace who can coach and guide you through technology trends, so you’re not prone to experience career droughts. Knowing means growing. The tsunami of change can be unmanageable, but with discerning information literacy, you get/keep sophisticated and connected so you won’t fossilize or gravitate toward a unfulfilling vocational chasm. This happens far more often than the most ardent career-minded professionals will admit.
  13. In a world of disruptive technologies and environments, relying only on your intuition just isn’t good enough anymore. We contribute to the enhancement of your internal navigation system.
  14. In the interview process, the companies have the human resource department, recruiters, managers/executives, and lawyers. Besides yourself, who’s representing you? (1+1 = 3)
  15. You will make any career transition smoother and with better assurance you will have the best stable work environment, benefits and salary, all negotiated on your behalf. You will never again want to make a career move without proper representation.

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Can your career afford not to have an agent?

Invest three percent of your income in yourself [self-development] in order to guarantee your future. — Brian Tracy


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Your career is like a garden. It can hold an assortment of life’s energy that yields a bounty for you. You do not need to grow just one thing in your garden. You do not need to do just one thing in your career. – Jennifer Ritchie Payette