Client Focus

Having both the right leaders and data solutions gives firms an undeniable competitive advantage. They should be considered key ingredients in the secret sauce of your business.

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As a strategic force in the executive search industry, we at Roll International have a superior blend of experiences in the following “leading-edge” mission-critical management areas:

  • Business strategy/implementation with special emphasis on DATA SCIENCE, BIG DATA, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (including enterprise and social media), and BOARD OF DIRECTOR exploration engagements.
  • Venture capital/startup leadership (CEO, COO, CIO, CMO, VP of Marketing, etc.) and funding.
  • Partnership/entrepreneurial development, including management re-engineering.
  • Business/alliance development.
  • International expansion.
  • Conference speakers and keynote speakers.


Roll International is in the business of delivering top performers. We are acutely aware of the shortage of truly talented executives who can make a significant impact on a company’s future growth and success. As a cadre, we have considerably fewer client blockages than our competitors and we proliferate in executive recruiting because of our agile and effective operations. In our industry, the top 20% of recruiters are so effective they are responsible 80% of the results. We use proprietary vectors of frequency and complexity to determine the appropriate recruiting strategy. We are not just another employment agency, but a “highly contacted” executive search firm. We enjoy an impeccable reputation that has been built over the years with consummating win-win successes. What separates executive recruiters from the mediocre are their ability to develop REAL relationships with the candidates over an extended period of time. By establishing a long-term partnership as a CAREER AGENT with our candidates, we provide both unique industry insight and a tactical approach to pursuing and landing the best.

Our strengths have always been “relationship recruiting.” Our ultimate commitment is to our candidates because if they are not happy, they cannot possibly make our client happy. We are dedicated to generating lasting relationships with both our candidates and client companies that are built on trust, mutual respect, knowledge, and excellence.

The furious pace of technological adoption and innovation is shortening the life cycle of companies and forcing executives to make decisions and commit resources much more quickly… Many of the assumptions, tendencies, and habits that had long proved so reliable have suddenly lost much of their resonance. – Richard Dobbs

Corporate Matchmaker

When a firm hires critical appointments, the stakes are high. In some cases, the risk of not using executive recruiters is too great. We are used to dealing with the issues that typically arise from recruiting at this level and we thoroughly vet candidates. We equate the intense art of hiring professionals to “getting married on a business level.” For both parties, it’s a very serious commitment and vital relationship. Expect objectivity, feedback, and good lines of communication from us throughout this sensitive process.

CFO asks CEO: ‘What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?’ CEO: ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?’

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a truly unique hiring proposition before starting the search?
  2. Is your hiring process time consuming, burdensome, inflexible and ineffective?
  3. Is there friction between departments?
  4. Can you find enough good people to fill critical positions, or are you settling for just “good enough” candidates? Or worse yet, make desparate hires?
  5. Do you sometimes rely too much on intuition and first impressions and employee selection becomes fundamentally emotional?
  6. Do you have validated hiring practices for effective selection?
  7. Are you focusing too much on skills, experience, and education and overlooking attitude, culture fit, and disregarding red flags during the interview process?
  8. Are you both screening in and screening out candidates? Are your subtle filtering perspectives balanced?
  9. Do you have unrealistic expectations and have to make discomforting late adjustments?
  10. Do some on your hiring team have inadequate interview skills? Are they able to talk intelligently about the intricacies of the job and company?
  11. Do candidates decide not to pursue your opportunities because of the money or the location?
  12. How do you ponder the measuring of quality of hire before you hire the person?
  13. Do you over or under sell the job in the interview process?
  14. How do you ensure momentum is maintained throughout the process?
  15. Do you have a go-to short-list of search firms that are a necessary part of a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy?
  16. How do you avoid ruffling the feathers of competitors and legally conform to “plausible deniability” during the search process?
  17. When replacing a senior executive who is still in the role, how do you maintain the much-needed veil of secrecy?
  18. Where do you turn when you have tapped out your personal and company networks for candidate referrals?
  19. What candidate market bandwidth are you missing with traditional in-house methods?
  20. What do you do when an important executive search is taking too long?
  21. When expanding internationally, does your firm have the proper connections, infrastructure, knowledge and cultural sensitivity?
  22. After starting, is the candidate discovering the job isn’t what they thought it was?

We give respected and appreciated insights to these questions and more.

Roll International can remove many of the obstacles associated with developing an effective recruitment campaign. We are in constant contact with the top echelon in leadership roles, management consulting, industry, venture capitalist, and authors/academia. Our search process is a proven, results-driven methodology designed to add value and stature to our client, identifies and attracts solid, difficult-to-find performers. The cornerstone of our strategy is that candidate and client alike benefit from our skills and experience throughout the recruitment cycle. Professionalism and discretion are paramount.

The outside eyes will help prevent you from going too far down any groupthink rabbit holes. – Jake Knapp