Mission Statement


“Every day we’ve continued to win the most important battle for any company: existence.” – Justin Kan

Our Values

  • To serve the best interest of both the candidate and our client companies by providing them with the most qualified opportunities available through our knowledge, connections, and recruiting efforts, in a timely, efficient and ethical manner.
  • To develop lasting candidate and client relationships with our PERFECT PROMISE, allowing us to efficiently address their challenging professional and personal needs.
  • To provide a measurable return on investment of our client and candidate’s time and/or money spent on our professional services.
  • To ensure all client and candidate information is handled in a manner honoring the trust that disclosure of such information requires.
  • To embrace and augment the entrepreneurial spirit which totally enhances the individual, company and public at large.
  • To evangelize solid and proven big data and data science solutions worldwide.
  • To realize a reasonable profit based on our recruiting efforts, allowing us to contribute a portion of this profit to the community.