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Mitch has been in the executive recruiting industry since 1986 and received the distinguished “Rookie of the Year Award.” He has over twenty years of broad executive computer and finance experience. Mitch specializes in the placement of executive and management personnel in the technology/international arena and is a certified executive recruiter. Over the years, Mr. Roll has developed unparalleled contacts in the industry with a deep executive search acumen.  He is known for his ability to deliver sterling results at the highest level. Mitch is a uniquely qualified executive recruiter, having an active role in funding, developing, implementing, and marketing software and hardware solutions. As a global recruiting expert, he has appeared on TV and is quoted in blogs, magazines and newspapers. He is the past President of TransCapital Corporation, a business-to-business finance firm.  Mitch holds a degree in Management from Rockhurst University.

As a business, career, and life coach, Mitch has worked with some of the most successful people who have solid mentors. With a sea of unavoidable trends and information, they make distinguished decisions and value a third party view and seek truly independent advice.

We are bombarded with two million bits of input each second, and we process about 126 of them.  We do that through a process of deleting, distorting and generalizing. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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